Manness Seeds is a family owned seed business headquartered in Domain, MB. 

The operation was founded by Sidney Manness and authorized to sell pedigreed seed by Agriculture Canada in 1960.  Domain’s located in the Red River Valley in southern Manitoba, twenty kilometers south west of Winnipeg.

Since 1975, the seed business has been operated by Ron Manness and his wife Patricia. Their son, Graeme, joined in 2002 and his wife Adeena, in 2009. Ron graduated in 1975 with a diploma in agriculture from the University of Manitoba and has more than 45 years of experience in the seed industry.  Graeme also received his diploma in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba in 2002 and is responsible for the operation of the farm.  


Manness Seed focuses on pedigreed seed production growing different varieties of grain (wheat, oats, barley and fall rye), flaxseed, and pulse crops (soybeans and peas).


The seed processing plant is a registered seed establishment monitored by Canadian Seed Institute which regulates quality standards for seed processing and storage facilities.

We take pride in producing several varieties of crops suited to our production area with a “hands on” approach.  We work with seed distribution companies that have access to new varieties and grow that seed in small 1 to 2 acre plots in accordance to the regulations set out by the Canadian Seed Growers Association and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. By the time that new variety is ready for commercial production by farmers we have likely grown the new variety for three years. This process gives us a good understanding of the variety by the time it is released to our customer at the certified level. We work closely with various seed partners to provide market-leading pedigreed seed and leading-edge varieties that bring value to our customers.


We wholesale our production to other retails and, also retail ourselves. Seed cleaning, bagging in small bags and totes, and treating are services that are also available. Our seed products are sold to customers from Alberta to the Maritimes and into the United States and we also supply confectionary and other food suppliers.


In 2017 we built a new seed plant which included a colour sorter in our processing line. The colour sorter provides a more precise cleaning job, and hence improving the quality of our product. The new seed plant is capable of cleaning 12 tonnes/hour and is fully automated. Our staff follow protocols monitored by the Canadian Seed Institute to assure consistent quality.

Our mission is to provide pure, clean and agronomically sound seed varieties to our agricultural customers. We look forward to working with you too. Our moto is “grow with us”.